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Welcome to the web pages of hotel VSACAN

Hotel Vsacan offers you a quality accommodation with numerous associated services.

Hotel Vsacan is located directly in the centre of the town Vsetín.
It is an ideal orientation point. In the VSACAN hotel closeness, both railway and bus stations are occurring.

Panorama in Hotel VSACAN

There is a beautiful sight from the hotel VSACAN

The town of Vsetín, in whose centre the Hotel VSACAN is located, is surrounded by scenery of forested slopes – the Vsetínské mountains.

Spruce forests, sun-shined meadows, blue mountains, juniper and blueberry smelling hillsides – that is the character of Wallachia.

VSACAN MANAGEMENT s.r.o., Žerotínova 1114, 755 01 Vsetín, Czech Republic